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Our Action Shots go beyond mere photographs; they are a testament to the dedication and passion that fuel your athletic journey. From explosive leaps to lightning-fast sprints, from gravity-defying dives to victorious celebrations, we seize each heart-pounding moment, ensuring that the adrenaline coursing through your veins is forever encapsulated.

At your event, find the YoloAthlete Booth; you can't miss it: it's the orange one. If you don't see it, ask any one of our photographers. At our booth, you can review our product palette and sign up our pros to photograph your athlete (or you) in a particular game. Based on the information you provide (name, game time, field, jersey number, etc.), our photographers will dedicate their time to your athlete, shooting from different angles and in different situations to get a wide selection of images capturing the athlete in action.

There is no charge for the photographers' time; you only pay for the photo products you purchase. When you sign up, a $65 non-refundable retainer is due, of which the full amount will go toward your chosen images.

Within five workdays, YoloAthlete will post your athlete's images in an online gallery for your to review. Your signup sheet provides your gallery's internet address and an access code to protect your privacy. You will receive an email when your online gallery is live. 

Depending on the sport, YoloAthlete will shoot anywhere from 100 to many hundred photos of your athlete. Our team will review the images and post the best 20-30 frames. 

Your gallery is live for two weeks and retired thereafter. You must make your image selection during this time to avoid a $20 gallery restoration. 

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