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Athlete Portraits

What is "Athlete Portraiture"?

YoloAthlete pairs action/sports photography with years of location & studio portraiture experience. Our portraits image the athlete in the sport's spirit, with grit, with equipment, with emotion, professionally lit. 

How do I hire YoloAthlete for an Athlete Portrait?

Call or email us to set up a no-fee consult for your athlete portrait. In this 15-30 min meeting, we determine what you envision in your portrait. 


How much do you charge for Athlete Portraiture?

Depending on the type of portrait, the session will be in the studio or on location (or both); session fees start at $179, but depend on the portrait's requirements (e.g., shooting location, required lighting equipment, photo theme, etc.) The cost of the final product, likewise, depends on its purpose (e.g., self-branding, wall art, etc.). Standard portrait wall art pricing applies as published on our Aperture Alley Photography site

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