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Sports Event Coverage

Professional sports photo journalism for your event

Sports Event Coverage

Sports events reporting relies on exciting imagery. Promote your event with professional action shots to create buzz and elevate to it the next level. 

YoloAthlete sends its photogapher(s) to your sports event and provides you with publication-ready images, already customized to your needs (e.g., platform-specific image dimensions). Pricing starts at $199 for a 2-hr event with $99 per additional started hour


  • Image transfer with 24 hrs after the event 

  • 30 images per hour shot (culled images from 100s or 1000s of frames)

  • JPEGs (2000 px, 72 ppi)

  • YoloAthlete Image Quality Seal: cropping, white balance, blemish removal, included

Options & Upgrades

  • Password protected online gallery, 

  • Real-time posting

  • Image customization for multiple platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - $49 per addtionial platform

  • Sports events taking place >30 miles from Davis, CA

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